Hi, my Name is R. Eichen & i am a

With many years of experience i have taken on many roles including artificial artist, digital painter and minter. On this website you can see some of my work.

About me

I am a digital artist from Europe and offer a large catalogue of works that will grow over time.

The artwork is created by me using digital means. It combines the artistic style of an artist, style or era with different architectures, landscapes or sculptures.

They allow you to learn more about the artist and the stylised image.


Latest Works

Each of these works is unique and when you buy the work in Non-Fungible Token ( NFT ), you are the only person who owns it. You can therefore resell or own it in high quality. If you own the artwork and it has not yet been sold, you can print it on canvas or even post it!

On this Site

Art reimagined

New works every week

Several works are added to the catalogue and then offered for sale every week, making it easy to do business and renew your stock.

Made with passion

Each of my works is created with passion and joy to make it completely unique and to achieve incredible results!

NFT information

Knowledge and information on the subject of NFT as well as digital painting and artificial art.

So what you think?

Access all my works. Browse and be inspired.