Why the works are unique

I create my works myself. I photograph landscapes, buildings or places. Combine them with a suitable style and create a painting, drawing or sketch with the help of artificial intelligence. Just as the photographs are unique, so are the digital works created from them. I then exhibit the works here and offer them for sale on platforms.


Photography is a genre of fine art in which a light image is projected onto a light-sensitive medium with the aid of optical processes and stored there directly or electronically and permanently. Photography is a medium that is used in very different contexts. Photographic images can, for example, be objects with a primarily artistic character. Photography can be viewed from artistic, technical, economic and socio-social aspects.

Artificial Art

Art with artificial intelligence refers to all works of art that are created with the help of artificial intelligence. This includes works that are created autonomously by AI systems and works that are a collaboration between a human and an AI system. There are many mechanisms for creating artificial art, including the generation of images using mathematical patterns, algorithms that simulate brush strokes, and artificial intelligence or deep learning algorithms such as generative adversarial networks and transformers.


A non-fungible token (NFT) is a non-replaceable digitally protected object. It is based on a stored string of characters that - in contrast to a fungible token - cannot be exchanged or copied. The technique is used, for example, to identify digital files or computer-generated artworks as unique pieces. The analogy in non-digital life for the NFT would be, for example, the Mona Lisa, which cannot be replaced because it only exists once, and for the Fungible Token, for example, a 2-euro piece that can be replaced at any time by another 2-euro piece.



R. Eichen

Artificial Artist, Digital Painter


T. Computer


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