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A colorful collection of paintings.

Church in bright night

Church in bright night is a painting of a church in a bright night. The wide-format painting shows the church under a burdening, black-blue sky; the light source itself is hidden behind clouds.

Field and Flow

Field and Flow is a painting of a field along with a river. The painting shows a river landscape together with a field from an exaggerated perspective.


Ringcafe is a painting of the ring cafe in the style of the Renaissance. It shows the Ringcafe in the foreground from an exaggerated perspective.

Mother sun

Mother sun shows a sculpture on the lake. In the center of the painting is a sculpture of a woman, which is irradiated by a huge sun and its field of rays.

Promenade by the river

Promenade by the river shows a landscape consisting of a row of houses, a path and a river. The houses extend in the back of the painting from left to right and are kept in white and red.

Bay of setting sun

The Bay of setting sun painting shows the moment of the setting sun, when the yellows and reds are most intense in the reflection of the water.

Autumn Forest Quarter

Autumn Forest Quarter is a painting of yellow and red coloured trees in the forest quarter in the style of realistic impressionists who express their love of nature.

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