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NameEXP Paintings of R. Eichen


Expressionism is a style whose beginnings and precursors can be found in the late 19th century.

Like Impressionism, Symbolism and Fauvism, Expressionism is a movement against the tendencies of Naturalism. In Expressionism, the expressive level predominates over the aesthetic, appellative and objective level. The artist wants to present his experience to the viewer.

Tower of Gnandstein Castle

Around 1225/30, a three-storey palace was built, which was raised by one storey in the late 14th century. On the first floor is a hall with triple windows with Romanesque capitals.

View to Gnandstein Castle

Gnandstein Castle is considered to be Saxony’s best-preserved Romanesque fortification. The castle was built as a Romanesque complex at the beginning of the 13th century, probably first with a rectangular ground plan and a residential tower.

Mountain Church

The Mountain Church is an originally Romanesque sacred building of the Evangelical Lutheran Church on a church hill, built in the 13th century and extended in 1848.

The Devil's Bridge

Popularly known as the Devil’s Bridge. Its semicircle is reflected in the lake and forms a complete circle. It spans Lake Rakotz, but can no longer be entered.


Wanderlust describes the desire to hike, the constant inner drive to explore nature and the world on foot, away from or even close to home.


The Elbe is a Central European river that rises in the Czech Republic, flows through Germany and empties into the North Sea.

Blue Wonder

“Blue Wonder” is the unofficial name of the Loschwitz Bridge, one of the bridges crossing the Elbe in Dresden.

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