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A collection under the sign of Romanticism and Impressionism.

Romanticism is a cultural-historical epoch that lasted from the end of the 18th century until well into the 19th century and expressed itself particularly in the fields of fine arts, literature and music. The essential characteristic of Romanticism is an emphasis on the spontaneity of the subject that stems from the idealistic tradition. Impressionism broke with many rules of painting practice. Contrary to academic doctrine, colour was elevated to the primary means of design. The elements of drawing receded into the background. The statement of the picture is relative with regard to the colour as well as the graphic form of the section of reality, since it depends on the person seeing and the person painting. In Impressionism, the open shape of the picture is emphasised as a section of space and time, with figures even being cut into. The relativity of the picture and the open form motivate the viewer to his or her own visual performance, sensations and cooperation in the creation of the picture’s form and its message. The individual picture loses its compellingly valid, instructive character for every viewer. Japan’s influences on the various currents of Impressionism can be seen in the introduction of new objects as well as clothing, but also in a new way of depicting dimensions, light and shadow conditions as well as perspectives.

Cave of ancient heroes

The painting shows a cave. The low jagged rock ceiling merges into the ground. A torch can be seen on the right.

Winter Mountain

Winter landscapes have a calming effect on the mind. With its blanket of snow, white as down, nature invites us to let it wrap us up and dream, because now it would actually be time for hibernation.

Dusk at the pond

Dusk at the pond shows a pond in the light of dusk with the moon. In the middle of the pond, on an island, there is a small white pavilion.

Autumn path

Autumn path is a painting in the style of realistic impressionists who express their love of nature. The painting captivates with rich colours of a path in the forest with its autumn coloured leaves.

Burning Riverbank

The painting Burning Riverbank shows a river whose bank is on fire. The fire burns in the colours black, red and gold.

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