Autumn path

November 10, 2021| Category: painting, forest, autumn, impressionism
Painting of a Forest path in autumn

Painting of a Forest path in autumn

Autumn path is a painting in the style of realistic impressionists who express their love of nature.

The painting captivates with rich colours of a path in the forest with its autumn coloured leaves. It evokes feelings of strength, grace and wonder. In order to reproduce the optical impression of light and shadow as realistically as possible, the style of the Impressionists is experimented with here. In some cases, they dispense completely with black and dark, earthy tones. A light colour palette is used and an attempt is made to reproduce the light and atmosphere of the respective situation through the colours alone. Shadows and reflections were coloured according to the effect of the light, colour transitions were rather transitions of brightness. And objects as well as individual shapes were formed on the canvas through different colours alone. Hard contours and clear lines do not exist in Impressionism. Rather, the shapes and colours literally flicker.

November 10, 2021
painting, forest, autumn, impressionism
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