Hunting lodge at night

November 9, 2021| Category: painting, building, moon, night
Painting of a Hunting lodge at night

Painting of a Hunting lodge at night

A hunting lodge is used exclusively or predominantly for hunting.

It is always located in or near a hunting ground or game reserve. Hunting lodges vary in shape and size depending on the period of construction or the purpose of use. They differ from the simpler hunting lodge in their size, building design and representative furnishings. The longing for the moon is one of the central motifs of Romantic painting. It is regarded as a silent yet distant friend to whom one confides one’s innermost desires in the solitude of the night. One looks for a faithful companion in him, and yet he is always changing, sometimes a narrow crescent and then full and round. His light bathes the world in a mysterious radiance, whose partly pale and partly subdued colours are of particular charm.

November 9, 2021
painting, building, moon, night
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