Lake Plate Landscape with two People

October 26, 2021| Category: landscape, people, painting
Painting of a lake plate landscape with two people

Painting of a lake plate landscape with two people

Caspar David Friedrich found important pictorial motifs in Neubrandenburg.

Vorpommern is considered a place of activity and a source of inspiration for various early German Romantics. Caspar David Friedrich, Friedrich August von Klinkowström and Philipp Otto Runge were born here - and returned to their homeland again and again. The light, the landscape and the culture captivated them and never let them go. Centuries-old oaks stretching their branches into the sky, white chalk cliffs above the emerald sea, dark cloud towers on the stormy Baltic Sea and the cautionary ruins of Eldena Monastery are just some of the romantic places of longing.

October 26, 2021
landscape, people, painting
Mecklenburgische Seenplatte, Germany
IMP Paintings of R. Eichen

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