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October 11, 2021| Category: landscape, monastery, painting
Painting of the Nimbschen Monastery Ruin (Marienthron)

Painting of the Nimbschen Monastery Ruin (Marienthron)

The Monastery (Marienthron) is a former Cistercian abbey located directly south of Grimma in the Saxon district of Leipzig on the Mulde River.

It existed between 1243 and 1536/42 and, after its dissolution between 1550 and 1948, belonged as a state school estate to the property of the princely school in Grimma or the St. Augustin grammar school in Grimma. The new monastery estate, which is used as a hotel today, was built in 1810 from the material of the monastery, which had fallen into disrepair after its dissolution. Next to the monastery, the settlement of Nimbschen was built on the neighbouring Klosterholz.

October 11, 2021
landscape, monastery, painting
Klosterruine Nimbschen, Nimbschener Landstra├če 1, 04668 Grimma, Germany
IMP Paintings of R. Eichen

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