Park tree in a moonlight landscape

November 7, 2021| Category: painting, landscape, tree, moon
Painting of a Park tree in a moonlight landscape

Painting of a Park tree in a moonlight landscape

The painting shows a moonlight landscape in a park with a tree.

The moonlight landscapes are characterised above all by dynamic cloud formations that are heightened to the dramatic, atmospherically staging the full moon and its reflective play of light.

Moonlight is particularly interesting in its capacity as reflected light, since its various manifestations reveal the most diverse atmospheric phenomena: if we first observe the moon as it appears to us in the night sky, shining more or less yellowish, we should first of all hardly believe that its yellowish tone could only send blue light. Even in the less dazzling light of the moon, and especially in the light of the first or last full quarter, we can see very clearly, especially when light clouds are spreading around, that the celestial space at first on the moon is of a quite extraordinary darkness, which to us is all the less likely to be apparently caused by mere contrast to the moonlight.

November 7, 2021
painting, landscape, tree, moon
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