Winter Mountain

November 17, 2021| Category: painting, landscape, mountain, alps
Landscape painting of mountains in winter

Landscape painting of mountains in winter

Winter landscapes have a calming effect on the mind.

With its blanket of snow, white as down, nature invites us to let it wrap us up and dream, because now it would actually be time for hibernation. Everything is at rest, hunkered down, frozen in immobility, and the air is purified from the cold, while the snow swallows the sounds. The winter landscape is most appealing when there is snow. It then reduces everything to woodcut-like schemes. They are deserted expanses of snow with sparse trees and a low horizon over which gray infinity spreads. There is always something skeptically existential about these images. And nothing seems more tidy than a wintry snowy landscape. The excess of life is now buried under purifying white, the visible is set off from the empty ground in clear forms and clean contours. The landscape becomes a manageable object. Or to a well tidied, half-swept room.

November 17, 2021
painting, landscape, mountain, alps
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